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Inayan Eskrima

Inayan Eskrima was developed by Mangisursuro Michael G. Inay. Suro Inay devoted his entire adult life to the promotion, preservation, and propagation of the Filipino Martial Arts.

He studied privately under the tutelage of two great Eskrima GrandMasters, Max Sarmiento and Angel Cabales.


Inayan Eskrima is comprised of 7 distinct styles of Eskrima. Each of these styles have a complete set of basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques and concepts that make them independent of each other in terms of self-defense viability. Mangisursuro Inay put a learning structure to these styles and a ranking system for grading.

Mangisursuro Inay passed away while doing what he loved the most – teaching Inayan Eskrima. Though he was taken from us long before his time, he made a profound impact in the lives of many.


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