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End of year seminar

Due to the worldwide situation there will be some changes to our traditional end-of-year-seminar with Suro Hart. Suro Hart won't be able to come to Germany. We will still do a two-day seminar and will have almost all IS3 Instructors and Kaduas teach at this seminar. A thing we haven't done that way before. We are looking forward to some really interesting classes and learning about how other schools and their instructors 'do things'. If there is no interfering by the German government regarding restrictions due to covid-19, the seminar will take place on 28.11. - 14:00-18:00 and 29.11. - 10:00 - 14:00 at the Martial Arts Academy LEICHLINGEN. Traditionally we would go out on Saturday night. The current regulations won't allow us to do that this year. Our Corona-Rules during the event: - if you have any kind of symptoms - don't come

- wear a face mask if you come

- hand wash and disinfection before you start to train

- stick with the training partners the whole seminar. We will separate the group so people only train with other students from their school. - bring a sweatshirt, hoody or similar to keep you warm while training. We will have to open windows for fresh air and ventilation. - leave name and contact details. Participants need to stay traceable in case of infections. Don't put in fake names and details. There is a pretty high fine by the German government if you do that. In spite of the recent situation and limitations we are still looking forward to seeing you all at the event. If there are questions, feel free to ask!

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